I wanted to say thank you again for letting us join.
Jah loved the drills and as I mentioned in the dressing room, I thought it was very well run!
From your interaction with the kids, to all the instructors who were engaged with the kids and pushing them to stay focused and to work hard, nobody was standing still, the complexity and simplicity of the stations depending on the skill level, it was everything I heard it would be and more.

Parent, Kyle Handrahan

Dylan has been coached by Todd for almost 3 years and we hope many more.  During that time we have seen a significant improvement in Dylan’s skills, hockey sense and character.   Dylan loves having Todd as a coach.  Todd is always encouraging and energetic with the players.   His clinics are well organized with a great coach to player ratio.  Todd and his instructors correct the kids as they do each drill – there is no going through the motions.    Todd does a great job of mixing up his drills to hold the kids interest.   Most importantly Dylan looks forward to going to the rink as he trusts and admires Todd.  As soon as Dylan gets on the ice he always skates right over to Todd.   He is a great role model for Dylan.    We feel very fortunate to have Todd as his coach.  Only wish he had more clinics!!!!!!

Trevor and Joely Capra, Parents

We have 2 boys that have been enrolled in several of Todd Simon camps and are very impressed with the drills and the one on one attention that Todd and staff give. Both our sons have learned lots and we see an improvement with their skills, skating and confidence each and every time they participate in a camp. All instructors take the time to make a connection with each player as well as explains the drills in a way where every child will understand. We would highly recommend any beginner, intermediate or high level hockey player to enroll in any of his camps. We will definitely be taking part in future camps!  

Thanks to Todd, Marko and all other staff

Mike Vig, Parent

Having coached hockey in the Niagara Region for neary 30 years since 1988, from Novice to Junior ages, I can attest to the necessity of adapting, being prepared and having the right tools in place for coaching and instructing youth hockey at every age.

I've known Todd Simon for several years and we coached together at the Junior 'B' level. Todd has an exceptional and diverse range of experience and knowledge. From a stellar OHL Jr 'A' career to a long and expansive professional career in North America and Europe, Todd was the consumate 'journeyman'; always the tough grinder who, with great talent, was able to lift his game to the level needed by those guys who do the real hard work, but don't always get the headline.

Todd takes the same approach to coaching and instructing hockey. He knows that every different age group and every different skill level requires a unique hands-on approach with attention to detail. Every young hockey player, whether boy or girl at any given age, requires the same attention and dedication on the ice and in the locker room, as they do in school every day. Development, learning and improvement of hockey skills is the key to the growth of any young person; extra-curricular activities like organized sports is an esssential tool alongside schooling to help youth become young adults.

Several years ago when Todd and I were coaching Junior 'B', he was already instructing as a special assistant to several rep/travel and house league teams in the Niagara Region; wanting to put his own spin on a hockey school, Todd asked for my opinion. Again, having coached for 3 decades from 5-20 year olds, I was well aware of the challenges facing someone starting a hockey school for multiple age groups and multiple skill levels.

I knew Todd's experience and coaching ability with the Canucks and his various on-ice consultant work. I had no doubt then, and none since, that Todd knows hockey. His hockey school and development instruction is as qualified and of quality as any offered in the Niagara Region.

Since its inception, Todd Simon Hockey has become a known and respected hockey school; it will continue to expand its resources and stay up-to-date with the latest, proven hockey trends. Like teaching, development and instruction in organized sports is always changing to be better and to make better hockey players.

Ronald Potter, Coach

I had the opportunity to work with Todd for a couple years- coaching together with the Niagara Falls Canucks Jr Hockey Team.

Having known Todd from our younger days, I knew that he was a talented hockey player who could help our Junior aged players learn skills that were required to move up the ladder in the hockey world. You don't "fluke" into being the CHL leading scorer, and the players were aware of and respected what Todd had done in his hockey career.

Todd's leadership skills were evident daily, as he was a tremendous leader and role model for our team, and his skill set is still very high- allowing him to teach and show the players "tricks of the trade" to help them become more successful.

Todd always has a home with the Niagara Falls Canucks, and we were fortunate and appreciative of the time he spent with our team.

Frank Pietrangelo, Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge

I have coached minor hockey for 7 years and for the past 2 years I have organized an extra hour a week for our House League team. The extra hour is important for development because I don't feel house league teams get a lot of quality ice-time throughout the season. Todd put together a program that was noticeably beneficial to the 15 players that came out. The parents who signed up their players to the "Todd Simon Hour" rave about how great the instruction is and the kids love Todd and Marko. As a coach I've learned so much from being on the ice with Todd/Marko and I have incorporated a lot of their drills into my practices. There's no better bang for your buck when it comes to teaching young hockey players the essentials of the game. I encourage ALL House League coaches to contact Todd and get that extra hour for your players....you will notice a huge difference by the end of the season!

Dave Rotella, NFMHA Coach